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For most married couples, the real estate owned is their largest asset. And when it comes to dividing the asset share equally, it can get very complicated. Even if, you or your spouse wishes to retain the marital residence after the divorce, it is important that an accurate value is obtained for purposes of property division

Divorce appraisals require a well-supported, professional appraisal that is defensible in court. The appraisal should be completed by an appraiser with experience in providing both current real estate value as well as retrospective value, as one or both may be required by the courts.

Historical appraisals (retrospective appraisals) are performed when a situation requires an appraisal of the property to determine market value where the effective date of the appraisal is a date in the past. If your case were to go to court, the appraiser may be called as an expert witness to testify on the work that was done.